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Home visiting healthcare & care homes.

We are on a mission to provide complete, ethical, affordable healthcare to all people. We intend to do that by providing health education & awareness; early and timely diagnosis without any delays; regular follow ups by us; secure electronic health records; doctors and nurses visiting you at your home; consolidated un-fragmented complete continuous real time electronic healthcare records; lab tests at home; results delivered to home; medicines delivered home; high end treatment at vetted & verified hospitals, & doctors; regular feedback from patients & family, to improve communication & quality of care; IT learning, real time risk analysis; transparency in healthcare; and reduction in costs.

General Nursing Services

Expert nurses at dynamic international health care are highly skilled to perform a wide range of nursing services. They are well qualified, licensed and have a sound knowledge, good communication skills and about the updates in medical technology. The nurses ensure to improve the management of symptoms and quality of life, and are well trained to perform various procedures such as: Monitoring vital signs ECG recording Sample collection Urinary catheterization Enema administration Administration of medication IV, IM ,SC etc Vaccination Bladder wash Ambulation Post operative management GRBS monitoring Ryle’s tube insertion Medication administration Podiatric care Bed bath, oral care ,back care Bed sore dressing Assessing activities of daily living

ICU At Home

Bringing the critical care hospital facility to home after a surgical procedure of the patient. The comfortable and familiar surroundings can speed up the recovery process. It is also a fact that prolonged stay at hospital leads to huge medical bills , sheer discomfort and hospital acquired infections. We offer a facility of bringing ICU at the ease of your home. Patients are taken care by a team of highly experienced multidisciplinary critical care team who are trained to adhere the strict guidelines and protocols while administering these services. The nurses come highly experienced with critical care. Their highly expertise and consistent monitoring of patients condition and treating according symptoms it helps in improving patient conditions and speedy recovery process, thereby minimizing complications that arise from critical illness. Our specialized services include: Bed sore care Critical care nutrition Fluid management Parenteral feeding Stoma care Care of bedridden DVT prophylaxis ICU Infrastructure ICU Equipment skill Wound care Care of IV lines PEG feeding Infusion therapy Ventilator patient care Tracheostomy care Coma patient care Suctioning

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